The Best Way To Make Things Work Better…Is To Be Better

At Dynamic Claim Services, we work hand-in-hand with every client to understand their loss drivers, optimize the claims process, implement effective risk management solutions, and give them an industry advantage when it comes to creating customized claims management strategies.

Personalized Attention

We spend time analyzing your company’s internal operations and studying your specific business model to better understand and reduce the potential risks your business may face, while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, dedication and reliability.

Enhanced Loss Control

We place a strong emphasis on risk management and exposure mitigation by having our loss control specialists visit your business locations to provide hands-on safety training, lectures, and review previous loss histories to determine why accidents occurred and how they can be further prevented. The risk managers provide on-site inspections to assess potential hazards and provide recommendations for removing them. They also assist employers in making sure the workplace is OSHA compliant. This is accomplished by conducting annual safety meetings with employees, creating methods to mitigate slip and fall risks, addressing proper lifting techniques or any other occupational hazard specific to the location, and working with claims teams to strategically implement practical solutions that will increase overall workplace safety.

Team Partnership

Throughout the lifetime of every claim, Dynamic Claim Services places a strong emphasis on teamwork by ensuring that the loss control professionals at our company work very closely with the claims management team. This crucial team effort – in addition to often helping prevent the claim from happening in the first place – has been proven to drastically reduce exposures in the event that they do occur and create sensible solutions to rapidly minimize costly losses. To read more about the expert risk management & claims teams empowering Dynamic Claim Services, please click here.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a variety of claims-related services under one roof that addresses every single stage of the claims process and can help to improve organizational focus, reduce uncertainty and streamline general claims administration tasks.

Hi-Tech Features

We utilize sophisticated computer technology that assists in the efficiency of our claims process. Our hi-tech computerized system accurately monitors and analyzes the circumstances of every claim for total accuracy and overview. Best of all, our clientele can easily track the progress of all claims via a secure online server that features a customized code-encryption program for maximum safety and security. To read more about the advanced technology utilized by Dynamic Claim Services, please click here.

Successful Results

We maintain a team of experts who are familiar with the various complexities, intricacies and details of the New York and New Jersey workers’ compensation laws and claims process. As such, we are in the distinctive position of providing clients with tangible results that can be directly measured by the Return on Investment (ROI) – every single time.