Managed Care

Managed Care is one of the principal means to contain the medical costs of a claim. Through the use of our extensive physician managed care network, we offer significant PPO/PBM savings below NYS Fee Schedule. Steering claimants to in-network medical providers when possible allows for greater control over the medical management of a claim and ensures that credible medical providers are used. Our pharmacy benefit network is affiliated with most major pharmacies and drugstores that allow us to obtain incomparable discounts on pharmaceutical costs.

In fact, Dynamic’s PBM has savings by as much as 27% more than other PBM’s. This program also has many built-in flags to detect any potential prescription abuse; the combination of these managed care procedures results in exponentially lower medical costs for claimants and significantly higher savings. Dynamic utilizes managed care networks for radiology and physical therapy, and also utilizes specialized managed care services when necessary (i.e. special services for catastrophic claims.)

Above all, Dynamic is constantly on the lookout for new managed care providers and specialists who will provide maximum savings in the most cost-effective way – and ultimately benefit our valuable clients.