A Claims Management System That's Our Claim To Fame

As a TPA providing expert workers' compensation claims management services to insurance companies and self-insured employers, Dynamic Claim Services has a modern, user-friendly claims system that allows our clientele to access data anytime and anywhere. This innovative, browser-based property and casualty claims administration system operates in a high-performing cloud environment and was designed to provide clients with superior speed, unlimited scalability, and performance.

By creating a hosted solution that runs on cloud infrastructure, Dynamic Claim Services offers clients easier access to data, the ability to run unlimited types of reports, and view dashboards for quick snapshots of their claims activity. The system's integrated rules engine is super powerful, leveraging unlimited criteria to automatically notify clients of events, facilitate special-handling instructions, and provide document and workflow management throughout the claims process.

The net result? An ability to deliver the highest levels of client service and satisfaction - and enable claims data to be accessed from anywhere, at anytime with solid data security - at real-time speed.

But that's only the beginning.

An integrated mobile app allow client to look up claims, review detailed information, and directly upload images, videos and recording to the claim file, on tablets and mobile phones that work on both iOS (Apple) and Android environments.

This claims system also provides the expert staff at Dynamic Claim Services with robust features, such as Claims Summary and Plan of Action modules, which allows the client to get a quick and clear snapshot of the claim as well as where the claim is heading. The system is also designed with special features to help adjusters scrutinize claims and utilize built-in data analysis capabilities. This helps to identify areas where clients can improve savings and outcomes - and streamlines the overall claims administration process so the client can maximize their profits.