Our Services Are More Than Just Ordinary – They’re Dynamic

Dynamic Claim Services is a licensed third party administrator (TPA) providing expert workers’ compensation claims management services on behalf of insurance carriers and self-insured employers in both New York and New Jersey. We work with companies of all sizes and from various industries to process, review and handle every aspect of reported claims, from inception to closure.

By combining the vast knowledge of our claims specialists with cutting-edge technology, Dynamic Claim Services has the ability to create customized claims management strategies. The implementation of a hi-tech computerized system that accurately monitors and analyzes the circumstances of every claim will keep your costs low and your savings high. To read more about the advanced technology utilized by Dynamic Claim Services, please click here.

As a client of Dynamic Claim Services, you will benefit from our proactive approach to mitigating exposures with proficient risk management specialists. We will find ways to improve your workplace procedures and create customized internal quality control processes, thereby enhancing overall workplace efficiency.


Most importantly, Dynamic wholly understands the power of teamwork – the loss control professionals at our company work very closely with the claims management team. This crucial team effort helps prevent claims from happening in the first place, and drastically reduces exposure in the event that they do occur. To read more about the expert risk management & claims teams empowering Dynamic Claim Services, please click here. In all, at Dynamic Claim Services, the services we offer are more than just ordinary – they’re dynamic.